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Record Keeping

Computer Keyboard

Information sharing is essential and there must not be a delay due to recording. However, once the information is shared verbally and relevant actions are in process, it is key that you capture as much information as possible. Keep it factual and avoid including your own opinions. it is always helpful to make notes or bullet points along the way to refer back to when writing up fully.


Record all information related to the concern. It may be on an online child protection software or in paper form. Whichever way, make sure you keep adding any updates of actions, conversations and outcomes with dates, times, names and contact details if relevant.

Keep all handwritten notes as evidence. You may type or write these up within your general notes but if you are asked to attend court, you are only allowed to refer to handwritten original notes. Make sure all records are dated, name printed and signed

Old Documents
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If there is a physical injury, describe the size, shape, colour, place on the body, type of injury(ie bruise, graze) and include a labelled body map. This must also have a date and be signed by the person completing it.

Safeguarding files must be kept separate from the child's main file and stored securely. Access to files must be via the head or DSL and on a strict need to know basis. Add a 'tag' to the child's main file indicating there is additional, confidential information stored elsewhere.

Accountant Records
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