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Feedback from Training and Workshops

It is always an amazing feeling to get positive feedback after delivering training or workshops. So, why not share it? Here's what people say about SED Ltd

The session was very insightful. I now have a better understanding of ACEs and the impact that it may have on their childhood.

Danielle, 23.3.24

I learnt that trauma can have such a wide effect on the brain and body. Behave is a very important sign to look for.

Leanne 24.3.24

The course was really refreshing and informative and I enjoyed the way it was delivered as some other training providers can be flat and then you tend to not focus throughout the duration.

Chloe 23.3.24

A reminder that trauma can impact all ages. Trauma is not just an internal experience, it’s wider influence that can also affect the child, young people or adults.

Anya 25.3.24

I enjoyed the activity where we had to get up. It kept us engaged and kept it a little light hearted for such a heavy topic.

SCITT student teacher 25.1.24

This is never ending professional development. I would love to work with Cath in expanding our knowledge of several topics.

Vicky, DSL Independent school 23.2.24

Thanks to Cath, our Primary PGCE students were able to discuss complex cases and develop a deeper understanding of safeguarding issues.

Sam, Wandsworth SCITT course director 22.1.24

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