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Teen Zone

Every image has a link to information, advice or support


Online Safety

Electronics and social media are an important part of everyday life and can be brilliant for chatting to mates, doing homework, shopping and so much more. However, it is important to understand the risks so you can keep yourself safe whilst online. There are many websites which can help understand and manage the risks. Click the images to learn more about staying safe online and how to report concerns.

Sexual abuse in school

In 2021, OFSTED carried out research on sexual abuse in schools. What does this mean? It is not just about unwanted physical contact but also about harassment both face to face and online. It is important to report any unwanted sexual behaviour. This includes from someone of the same sex as you or harassment linked to your sexual preferences or identity.

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Mental Health and eating disorders

Poor mental health and linked behaviours such as eating disorders can come about from many triggers and sometimes not always easy to see for yourself. Click on the images to find our more. You may be able to identify in some of the information yourself or in someone you know.

Bullying, self-harm and suicide

Bullying can be very harmful to both our physical health and our mental health. It can be face to face or online and can have a huge impact on our wellbeing. Don't suffer in silence, reach out and tell someone. More information can be found by clicking the images or call ChildLine and talk to someone who can help. It may not be an easy step to take but will be the start of a more positive future.

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Gangs, youth violence and county lines.

It can be easy to view gang culture, drugs and criminal lifestyles as glamorous. Films, music and TV shows display this to us. However, it is not what we are led to believe and can be very unsafe for both the person involved and their families. 

Teenagers are often targeted as they are often keen to have the latest designer labels and feel part of a group of people, who make them believe they understand them. This is called exploitation and you can find our more by clicking on the pictures.

If you are worried you are involved in criminal activity, gangs or county lines, there is support out there. |Talk to someone at school or call ChildLine to speak to someone who can get you the help you need.

Relationship Abuse

We all think of domestic abuse between adults and usually male to female. This is a stereotype which needs clarification. Abuse can start in teen relationships; it can be female to male or within same sex relationships as well as male to female. It is not always easy to recognise the signs of an abusive relationship, often our feelings cloud our judgement but there is a lot of information to help you recognise whether your relationship is abusive or if you recognise abuse in a friend's relationship. Click on the pictures to explore further.

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Extremism and radicalisation

We all have our own views and opinions on different topics, and it is healthy to be able to talk about them. However, sometimes people are drawn into extremist views which can lead to acts of violence or even terrorism. 

Young people can be radicalised through online grooming, exploitation (including sexual exploitation) and this can be done through being exposed to violent and extremist materials.

If you think you are being radicalised and want help, click on the image to get support.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

FGM is illegal in the UK and is performed on some young girls and women within certain cultures. Young people are often taken on a special trip without knowing the reason. Girls whose mother has been a victim of FGM is at higher risk themselves. If you are concerned you are at risk, if you have had FGM performed on you or you are concerned about a friend, talk to someone who can help. you call talk to a teacher, a friend, the police or call ChildLine.

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